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Begin Your Path to Cash in 3 Steps

If you need quick and easy cash but have bad credit, submit your online request for loans. At Reliable Lonas, we will help you find the lender that fulfills your emergency cash needs.


Online Form Inquiry

Fill out the online inquiry form and send it off to us. Use your desktop, laptop or mobile for easy online submission.


Super Simple Process

We know your time is valuable and you don’t have extra time to spend getting your loan. After confirming your inquiry form, the lender will evaluate it quickly. Following pre-approval, you can accept and sign your loan offer.


Getting Your Cash

Finally, you have money to spend on whatever you want to, without restrictions! Enjoy the good feeling of paying your bills on time, buying a gift for Mom, taking a trip or anything else you’ve been wanting to do!

Need a Loan? 4 Reasons to Choose Us

Easy to Work With

When you need quick cash, we don’t want to hinder you with complicated forms and questions. We’ll help you get started on your search for a lender.

No Obligations

When you work with Reliable Lonas, you don’t need to worry about signing anything you’re not comfortable with.

Speedy Service

When you’re ready for us to help, go to our website to fill in the quick and simple inquiry form. We’ll send out your special request to a group of qualified lenders.

Sweet and Simple

When you send in your inquiry form, it will be reviewed by many lenders. You can quickly find out how much you can get and which lender to choose to work with.

We understand your need for quick cash loans, and we want to help you. Just like everyone else, there are times when some extra cash is needed quickly. Whatever your financial needs are, we want to help you find a loan.

About Us

We hope to hear from you soon!

No one would have a problem believing that we’re living in tough financial times. It seems like no matter how hard you work, it is still hard to make ends meet. Many people can manage by creating and sticking to carefully planned budgets. But even those go haywire if there is a sudden change in plans, such as a temporary layoff at work or urgent medical expenses that weren’t taken into account. If you have made a few late payments or even missed payment deadlines, you might have a bad credit status, which makes getting quick loans even more difficult.
At Reliable Lonas, we are happy to offer our referral service. We have accumulated an impressive list of reliable lenders who are okay with loaning money to people with a bad credit status. When we hear from you and receive your loan inquiry form, we make it our business to help you. We’ll send out your plea for cash to lenders from our list. After one of the lenders pre approves your request, you will be contacted directly by them.
From there, the rest is easy. We are out of the picture and you are free to work with that lender. You should expect to receive a loan offer from your lender, but that does not mean you must sign it. Take a good look at the offer and the terms. If it is something you can manage and it meets your immediate needs, then by all means sign it. Once signed, you will be instructed on how, where and when to pick up your money. Some loans can even be processed in as little as one day.

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